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Re:Web Listing

Hi There,
I was sent you an mail regarding Web Listing hope you are found it. This is an follow-up email for you, Interested in our proposal or not?
Let us know if you are interested, I am waiting here your valuable reply.

Kind Regards,
Bill Kemp
From: info@webtee.biz [info@webtee.biz]
Sent: Thu 18 feb 2016 6:41 PM
Subject: Web Listing

Hi hope you're well.
My name is Bill kemp, I work for a Search Marketing company. I was doing some
research on some of your competitors when I came across your site. I noticed that you were not
ranked on the first page for your keywords and could use some assistance. If you could let me
know a suitable day and time to call, I would like to discuss how I could help improve your
search rankings and search traffic you receive from your site. I'll be pleased to advise you about
the SEO and coding issues that are harming your search rankings and give you a no obligation
quote to correct these issues.

Are you free this week to discuss?

Kind Regards,
Bill Kemp

Note: - If you are not interested then you can reply with a simple "Delete Me", we will never contact you again